Our Vision is to be professional in the field of Real Estate Consultancy offering a complete PROPERTY Solution. To provide service to our Business Associates & Clients with utmost Integrity, Creativity & Team Effort in order to facilitate Business Optimization Opportunity

The Flat Bazaar is born on the basis of 3 fundamentals ‘PERFECTION, COMMITMENT & TRANSPARENCY towards its work and clients. Unlike other consultants, we don’t work in all markets and all verticals like Office Leasing, IT, Education, Healthcare, Industrial but we specialize in Residential and commercial shops. The Flat bazaar are an independent Real Estate firm that doesn’t claim to be the biggest but yes we do emphasize to be the very best with every transaction that we mature. Our objective is not only to achieve a successful transaction but to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, that’s the reason, our transactions are backed by thorough Surveys and Research.

The Flat Bazaar, a real estate agency division of the group has established an immutable image of Proficiency, Reliability & Transparency, by providing delightful services especially High Value Transactions to Corporate Giants, Multinationals and to a lot of High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) in the geographical area of Delhi and NCR.

Perfection : It’s funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, most often, you get it.

Commitment : It’s better to refuse a request with firmness and courtesy than to make a promise, you can’t keep.

Transparency: What cannot be seen visibly is also being watched by almighty.

We are expanding our real estate offering daily, so keep an eye on us,

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We, The Flat Bazaar team wish to share our expertise, experience and transparency to make such an important life decision stress free and pleasing.

Niraj Kumar
Pankaj Singh
FOUNDER & VP Marketing
Deepak Rathore
VP Sales